The Ultimate Snapchatters to Follow for Beauty Inspiration

Snapchat. You might have heard of it. It is, quite frankly, the biggest thing in social media right now (Pokémon Go, notwithstanding). But there's one thing we particularly love doing on Snapchat and that's following certain celebrities and experts for some incredible beauty inspiration.

Whether that's a behind-the-scenes look at shoot, some incredible beauty insider tips, or just a handy product review, there is plenty to learn from following certain people on the social media platform. While Snapchat's images and videos disappear rather quickly (they're only available for a limited amount of time), this is just another reason to start following some fabulous people immediately. 

To start you off, we've hunted down 10 of the best beauty Snapchatters currently killing it. Whether that's a look at how Kylie Jenner does her makeup routine (seriously, it's amazing) or what hair guru Jen Atkin does to her locks when she's on holiday, there's so much you can get from following these incredible beauty experts. 

Scroll through our gallery below for who to follow and why.