The Little Black Book of Beauty Secrets

In our modern age of iPhones, Instagram, and information oversharing, the concept of a little black book seems a bit archaic. After all, who has the time to scribble down their secrets when there are new filters to download and witty tweets to mull over?

We do think that every woman, however, should have her own arsenal of beauty secrets—a little black book of beauty, so to speak. To save you the time, we’ve gathered 20 of the best tricks we’ve picked up from Hollywood’s top makeup artists and hairstylists. (These are the people who give Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen their perfectly undone strands, and Jessica Alba her contoured cheekbones and sultry smoky eyes.) Feel free to resume your blogging, tweeting, and Instagramming with renewed vigour after you’ve mastered these beauty tricks.

Keep flipping for the industry’s best beauty secrets!