Team Byrdie's 11 Sleeper Beauty Products That You Should Know About

What's a sleeper product, you ask? It's that product you love, live for, and would throw most of your possessions in front of a bus for—your ride-or-die, if you like. But it's also a product that doesn't get a lot of attention. It may be from a brand with another hero product or one with a cult following that doesn't allow for much else. Or it may even be from a brand that doesn't find itself in the media spotlight all that often. Either way, it's one of the best beauty products you've used. And now, it's that product's time to shine. I had all the editors at Byrdie HQ detail their own sleeper products—the ones they cherish but hardly find a reason to write about. From highlighters and hyaluronic acid serums to hair brushes and cotton pads, find our most overlooked but beloved beauty products below.