The Only Beauty Podcasts That Are Actually Worth Listening To


Melodie Jeng via Getty Images

I admit it—I'm a podcast addict. I gorge on hours of The Guilty Feminist, get lost in Women of the Hour black holes and race through murder mystery after murder mystery (think Serial and Dirty John). In fact, my entire week is planned around the new podcast drops: Mondays are for the ghost stories via Lore, The High Low arrives on Wednesdays and I listen to Jules and Sarah: The Podcast on my commute to work every single Friday.

But where I really clock up the hours is listening to beauty podcasts. There are so many good ones out there ready to teach you the what's what and who's who in beauty, as well as introduce you to products, treatments and trends you didn't know you were going to love. If being a podcast fanatic has taught me anything, however, it's that there are two types: the good podcasts and the crap podcasts. And I feel it's my duty as an audio advocate to help you navigate this world and prevent you from wasting an hour on lacklustre recordings. 

So with that in mind, keep scrolling as I walk you through four beauty podcasts that are actually worth listening to. (Believe me, I've dedicated hours to these.)