Beauty Editor Funmi Fetto Launches Autumn Beauty Box for Women of Colour

Beauty boxes are a great way to discover new products. Brands will often hook up with beauty-box companies to provide their newest launches so subscribers can try them first. With so many new products launching into stores and online every week, it's easy to forget products you once loved, so you can also find yourself being reacquainted with cult classics or old favourites. While the products housed within some boxes are revealed before you part with your cash, others keep the contents a well-kept secret, so you get a nice surprise when the box lands on your doormat. And while they make for a great gift to yourself, they're also a great option for Christmas and birthdays.

But which do you go for? There are plenty available: Some are subscription only, which means you sign up for a monthly delivery, while others you can buy as a one-off purchase if the products within take your fancy. There are also boxes to suit your personal beauty preferences, whether you love nails, natural and organic products, or luxe beauty. Keep scrolling to find the perfect beauty box for you.