Beauty Blogs: 26 of the Best You Should Be Following

What would the beauty world be without the best beauty blogs? On the weekend (or whenever—who are we kidding?), we love nothing more than checking out what our favourite influencers are talking about. Most of the time, we don't have the chance to check up on them, so a quiet Saturday or Sunday gives us a bit of downtime to see which products they're raving about or what makeup tutorials they're loving.

Even though more and more makeup and skincare blogs launch all the time, we continue to go back to certain experts over and over again, whether that's because they've been pillars of the beauty community for a long time or their expert knowledge is simply unprecedented.

Because it's rude not to share, we thought we'd let you in on the Byrdie edit of the world's best beauty bloggers and why they're so amazing. From insightful product reviews to fabulous makeup tutorials, this is our definitive guide to the best beauty bloggers around right now.