18 Beauty Baubles for Your Most Decadent Christmas Tree Yet



We hope that by now you've already got your beauty advent calendar sorted (if not, these are the ones that are still on sale) and are starting to make a dent in your Christmas shopping, although we have some ideas when it comes to that too. But next on the Christmas hit list is the tree decorations. And by tree decorations, naturally, we mean beauty baubles. Yep, year after year, beauty brands bring out these dinky ornaments containing a miniature beauty products to treat someone on Christmas day (or to open yourself if you can't bear the temptation).

And while we'll be hanging up the regular roll call of questionable plastic artifacts from Christmasses gone by, as well as multiple candy canes and chocolate decorations, we're most looking forward to the moment we get to hang some pretty-looking beauty baubles, whether that's Diptyque's rather decadent fragrance surprise or Becca's best-selling highlighter. We're calling it: We're going to have the most extra tree ever.

If you want in on the beauty decoration game, click through to find the beauty baubles that will be adorning in the Byrdie HQ Christmas tree this year.