These BB Creams Challenge Our Love for Foundation

You might have thought that the BB cream trend would fade out, but the beauty craze, which started in Germany and went global once Korea got in on the act, continues to go from strength to strength, with new products launching every season. Still haven’t found your perfect match? Fear not. We’re here to play beauty matchmakers because your best BB cream + U = FF (flawless face). In case you need a quick BB cream refresher, here’s why we love them… Beauty balms (or blemish balms, as they were initially called in the Asian beauty markets) offer lightweight, buildable coverage but boast numerous skincare benefits, too. It’s a most pleasing cosmetic marriage of moisturiser, foundation and (usually) SPF, and what’s more, there’s an A+ choice for every skin category.


Before we run you through a few of our favourite picks, there are just a couple of things to remember: Firstly, beauty balms, contrary to some reports, are not one shade fits all, so you’ll need to colour-match your BB just like you do your foundation, especially if you’re relying on it as your only colour base. Secondly, for best results, you should apply it just as you do your foundation, with a clean beauty brush, a sponge applicator or, if you want to massage further into skin, your fingers. And don’t think that you can’t combine one of the best BB creams with our usual beauty heroes—if you’ve got really dry skin, apply your BB after a hit of your usual moisturiser, or if you want a more long-lasting colour, use before a heavier-duty foundation.

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