The Bath Product That Makes You Look Better Naked

If you’re anything like me, October means one thing: It’s time to reclaim your bath time. Over summer, I tend to opt for showers over baths, but come autumn, nothing makes you feel better on a dark Sunday evening than a long, hot soak. Although I do like to pimp my bath with pretty much every product going (there are candles, salts—the lot), I’ve discovered an absolute must-have when it comes to bath-time pampering: bath milk.

Silkier than a bubble wash and creamier than a soak, bath milks are incredible at leaving your skin soft and smooth when you finally drain the plug. Why? Because milk is naturally rich in AHAs like lactic acid, meaning it helps to exfoliate and soften the skin as you soak. Also, milk is super nourishing, calming and soothing, so bath milks work as a whole-body treatment whilst you do absolutely nothing but relax.

But bath milks aren’t anything new. In fact, it’s said that even good ol’ Cleopatra loved adding some donkey milk to her bath for its soothing skin properties. Thankfully we don’t have to rely on donkeys to get our fix… Keep scrolling for a round up of the best bath milks, tried and tested by yours truly.

The Best Bath Milks for Super-Soft Skin

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