17 "Boring" Beauty Products Byrdie Editors Can't Live Without

We're not going to act like we don't get to test and obsess over new, innovative, and super-glamorous beauty products on a daily basis—we do, and we still pinch ourselves regularly because of it. That being said, as much as we may get excited about a 20-plus-shade eye shadow palette, a patent lip colour, or a scientifically advanced face serum, it doesn't necessarily mean all the above will make it into our cosy daily routines. In fact, far from it. (FYI: This job also makes you the pickiest consumer.)

Yes, we love to experiment and keep those ultra-special products in our arsenal for special occasions, but some of our most beloved beauty products are actually the antithesis of glamorous—you might even call them "boring." Yet these budget-friendly staples are the bread and butter of our routines, and without them, we'd feel lost. Curious to know which "boring" beauty products get us through the day (and night) unscathed and deserve way more credit than we typically give them? Below, Byrdie editors from the UK and U.S. share 17 basic beauty products we swear we'll use until death do us part.