I Asked a Derm for the Best Skincare Routine to Push Back Botox Appointments

I wear my love for skincare on my sleeve, often opening up about how it helps with anxiety, issues with food, and, naturally, the health of my skin. Less frequently (because of lingering taboo, I suppose) but still with the same unapologetic fervor, I share my affinity for Botox. It’s important that the age-old reputation, the one likening Botox to poison and offering up outdated, sexist prose about superficiality, gets an informed update. Botox is just another modern option we have to work with as our skin ages. As a consenting, adult human, what you do with it is up to you. I use my appointments to smooth out expression lines that have cropped up on my forehead—I’m very emotive—and to ease tension in my jaw.