These £5 Tweezers Have Amassed a Whopping 5000 Positive Reviews on Amazon

When it comes to beauty inspiration, the unlikely online e-tailer we like to peruse in our free time is Amazon. Yes, the place we usually reserve for streaming TV shows, buying books and making the occasional digital grocery run. In this case, however, we used it for a different purpose: discovering under-the-radar beauty gems. On our last Amazon browse, we kept stumbling across products we’d never heard of before with thousands of positive reviews on that you can snap up on the UK site.

The product that really piqued our interest was this pair of super-affordable tweezers that got the seal of approval of over 5000 users (we'll tell you why in just a second) but there are so many of these unlikely gems to be found. Women swore these products were “life-changing” and boasted about their “secret weapon.” Needless to say, we quickly lost ourselves in an Amazon black hole, only to emerge with quite a few beauty products we think you’ll want to know about. Some are straightforward, some are strange—but all of them have the approval of thousands of women around the world. *Adds to cart.*