This Magical Product Made ALL My Breakouts Disappear

You know when you think of a particular beauty product and you just feel an overwhelming rush of positive emotions (e.g., gratitude, warmth, undying love)? Like, you know you probably shouldn’t feel this strongly for something that isn’t a human being, and perhaps it’s slightly unhealthy and doesn’t speak well of the state of your life, but you can’t help it anyway? That’s how I feel toward the miracle product that is Medik8’s betaGel ($68). This small, unassuming tube of clear gel came across my desk a few weeks ago, and since I have discovered it, I can honestly say—not to sound completely cliché but knowing it will sound that way—my life has changed for the better. And by my life, I mean my forehead—which has a direct effect on my mood and state of emotions and therefore is pretty much the same thing as my life. Allow me to explain. Keep scrolling to find out why I want to yell my love for this little-known spot treatment from the rooftops.