Should We All Be Drinking This Trendy Pink Water?



I have been on board with rosewater as a skincare product ever since discovering the moisturising magic of Heritage's Rosewater & Glycerin toner. Hypnotic scent aside, when applied to the skin, rosewater has a myriad of glow-inducing benefits. "Topically, rosewater balances the pH of the skin, hydrates dry skin, aids in antiseptic, and fights injury due to ageing and sun exposure," explains dermatologist Natasha Sandy, MD. Like I said, totally on board.

But the other week, a celebrity makeup artist told me in secret that she and all of her L.A. friends swear by drinking rosewater, too. "We mix it into our smoothies," she told me. Instantly, I was transfixed.

So I picked the brains of three skincare experts, who confirmed that rosewater is indeed one of humankind's oldest beauty ingestibles. The product, which is made from distilled rose oil, has been consumed by the gallon for millennia. "Nutritionally, rosewater contains vitamin A, B, C, and E, as well as flavonoids and other antioxidants," Sandy explains. And though there are few studies demonstrating definitive proof of rosewater's benefits as a beauty beverage, people throughout history have depended on it to help with stress, digestion, mood, and inflammation, as well as gorgeous skin. "Since the side effects of drinking rosewater are negligible there may be no harm drinking until the evidence evolves to support current rosewater theories," adds Sandy.

So for the time being, bottoms up. Keep scrolling to learn more about the intriguing benefits and rituals of drinking rosewater!