You'll Look Weird, But This Morning Ritual Will Boost Your Energy

Photo: Courtesy of Danielle Copperman

Tapping (aka the emotional freedom technique) has been around in one way or another for thousands of years, but it's Roger Callaghan, MD, who is regarded as the founder of modern-day tapping back. Back in the '80s, his concept known as thought field therapy meridian tapping launched.

Callaghan discovered that by tapping accupressure points in different meridians of the body he could relieve pain and anxiety. While it may sound quite out there, EFT was found to help war veterans with PTSD in a 2013 study. On Callahan's website, he says TFT should be used in addition to your medications to reduce the risk associated with continued medication use and to enhance their effect rather than as a replacement.

But what if you don't suffer with pain or anxiety? Does tapping have a place in your daily routine? Danielle Copperman, author of Well Being (£25), thinks so. "Tapping is a simple routine that promotes blood circulation and energy flow, refreshing and invigorating the body," she says.

"It involves tapping and massaging parts of the body, using a combination of fists and fingertips to activate them and to release any tension, emotion or energy blockages held within. This is one of my favourite rituals and can be an energising practice to include in your morning routine if you want to raise your vibrational energy and feel balanced, lighter and physically less stiff."