This Is How Much Coffee You Should Drink to Lose Weight

Photo: Isabella Thorsden

Coffee and its benefits have been widely discussed. In the positive corner, we hear that it can help you live longer and lower the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. On the flip side, coffee has been admonished as something that will give you heart disease and stunt your growth. Most recently though, it's been scientifically proven to help you lose weight. Touted as the "cure to obesity," a study published in the Nature Communications journal revealed that in an experiment where mice received an injection of caffeine they lost weight and ate less.

However, for anyone who's not sure about the evidence or whether they should consider the drink as a supplement to their weight loss attempts, we spoke to Michelle Braude, MBBS, BSc, a nutritionist and founder of The Food Effect, about it. Not only did she tell us how many extra calories you could lose every day, but she also gave us some interesting details about when you should drink it. Keep scrolling to discover the real benefits of coffee.