Benefit Cosmetics' New Brow Collection Will Blow Your Mind

In the world of beauty, Benefit Cosmetics’s Brow Zings, the palette that houses a powder, wax, brush and tweezers, has cult-like love. It is the UK’s number one selling brow product, and it helped secure the brand in women’s minds as the go-to for brows (coupled with the fact you can head to Benefit Cosmetics counters for brow waxing appointments, too). Today brows are such an integral part of so many women’s beauty routines, so now seemed like as good a time as any for Benefit to go seriously big on brows. Keep scrolling to find out what Benefit Cosmetics is launching that will make your brows say wow…

Photo: Benefit Cosmetics

On June 24, Benefit Cosmetics is rebranding its brow category. Brow Zings and Gimme Brow are getting a shiny new facelift (literally, the new packaging is a high-shine silver), and Instant Brow Pencil is being replaced by two new ones. The whole collection will consist of 13 products covering four categories Go-To, Shape & Fill, Style and Tools—enter a conditioning primer, tinted brow gel, setting gel and even a brow enhancing highlighter called 3D Brow Tones (£19) that literally highlights the hairs to make flat-looking brows multi-tonal.

Photo: Benefit Cosmetics

Brow Zings (£25) will still come in three shades, but the other tinted products will be available in six shades from light through to deep, meaning there is a shade for every hair colour. Highlights from the range include the Precisely, My Brow Pencil (£19) which allows you to mimic hairs by drawing the finest of lines into sparse areas (see the before and after below). While Ready, Set, Brow! (£19) will groom your brows into place for an impressive 24 hours.

Wow brows, indeed.

Head to Benefit Cosmetics now to find out more about the new products and to shop the current brow range before it goes.

All Images: Benefit Cosmetics