Bella Thorne Documented Her Microblading Procedure on Snapchat—Watch It Here

There are many uses we have for Snapchat. Whether that's checking in on what our favourite beauty people are up to or just finding out when Kylie Jenner is going to launch a new product (she always does it there, FYI). But yesterday actress Bella Thorne took it to a whole new level with a step-by-step documentation of her microblading procedure. 

Microblading, for the uninitiated, is essentially eyebrow tattooing but done in a really intricate way. A microblading specialist manually applies a tool that holds disposable microblades, which have semi-permanent dye on them. Because the blades are so thin, they're able to mimic the fine hairs in an eyebrow to give you the look of a fuller brow without the hassle of having to paint them on every day (#dailybrowstruggles). Now, as much as we love the Benefit Gimme Brow (and we really love that stuff), we can totally see the positives of having your eyebrows all done and ready to go.

So, to that Snapchat of Bella Thorne. As you know, the videos on the social media platform disappear after a while, but thankfully some clever folk have uploaded the whole thing onto YouTube, so you can see the step-by-step procedure. We're now seriously considering booking in a session ourselves.

Keep scrolling to watch Bella Thorne's full Snapchat video on her microblading, plus a pick of our favourite eyebrow products.

Not sure if mircoblading is right for you? Fear not, there are still plenty of incredible eyebrow products around. And if you want a more comprehensive guide, we've compiled a whole list of problems and how to solve them, so you get the perfect eyebrows, every time. 

How do you feel about microblading? Would you go for it or would you rather stick to you usual brow products?

Opening Image: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images