This Beautyblender Dry Shampoo Will Revolutionise Your Life

Beautyblender’s Bounce foundation launches in the UK today, and whilst it’s no secret we’re excited about it, when we went to chat with the brand’s founder, Rea Ann Silva, another Beautyblender product really caught our eye. The Beautyblender Instaclean (dubbed “Beautyblender dry shampoo”) is a waterless sponge cleaner designed to be used in between makeup products. You simply spray it all over your beautyblender (it has an oily texture, so be careful not to spray it onto your clothes) and then wipe it across a towel or tissue. Et Voilà: Your sponge is like new and your surroundings smell just like lavender pillow spray. Dreamy. Seriously, though—it’s uncanny and incredibly relaxing.