7 Little-Known Products the World's Biggest Vloggers Swear By

There's no doubt that these days the impact of the beauty vlogger on the cosmetic and skincare world is huge. They can shift massive units of one product by merely mentioning it in one of their videos. And for good reason. Much like the Byrdie editors, beauty vloggers test out hundreds of products and as such are best prepped to give you the real low-down about the best new makeup or skincare items. Of course, we have our favourites and the ones we're following closely right now, so we thought it only fair that we share our picks of the chicest and coolest beauty vloggers around. 

Whether it's because they know how to do their eyebrows just right, they have an incredible hack for afro hair, or just because they're constantly on the prowl for brilliant products that cost next to nothing, we've picked seven beauty vloggers you need to know about right now. Keep scrolling for our guide to the beauty vloggers we're currently obsessed with, and shop some of their recommendations.