Is Beauty Tea the New Juice?

Who can forget when juicing skyrocketed from niche trend to full-on phenomenon? Models, It girls, and actresses touted the benefits of their regular cleanses and were constantly snapped with their requisite green juice in hand—and thousands of us mere mortals followed suit. The fervor may have died down since the initial craze (along with a healthy dose of criticism on just how healthy these juice cleanses actually are), but the very fact that we easily use “juicing” as a verb and associate it with a certain type of lifestyle proves its impact.  So—what’s next? Sure, there’s bone broth and “soup-ing,” but lately, we’ve started noticing another trendy new liquid quickly gaining traction among the cool crowd—and the irony is that it’s really not new at all.

Tea has been sipped upon by both royalty and common folk alike for thousands of years—and the newest iteration puts a beautifying spin on the traditional, often-overlooked beverage. The latest crop of designer teas tout skin-clearing and waist-slimming powers and celebrity fans ranging from Miranda Kerr to the obsessively followed Kylie Jenner—along with your grandma, who prefers her tea with a dash of milk before bed. So, is beauty tea going to be the next juice? What sets these trendy new beauty teas apart from their conventional counterparts? We caught up with Theresa Krier, founder of couture tea brand Big T NYC, and asked for her insight.

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