Quiz: Find Your Perfect Hair Colour for Autumn



What is it with a change in season that really makes us want to dye our hair? Are you getting the same urge too? In that case, you’ll want to check out Byrdie’s quiz which will help you discover your perfect hair colour for the new season. In other news, Gigi Hadid spilt all her beauty and fitness secrets last week and Byrdie Australia was taking notes. In addition, our health columnist, Jane Leonard, MD, revealed just why that pesky headache keeps coming back, and we tackled the reasons why you’re not losing weight (even when you think you’re doing everything right). Keep reading for the week’s biggest stories you don’t want to miss…

1. Gigi Hadid talks workouts and diets and Byrdie AU took notes. The model discussed wearing leggings to parties and her favourite healthy breakfast food. [Byrdie AU]

2. Over on Who What Wear, Agent Provocateur’s creative director Sarah Shotton reveals the 14 most common lingerie mistakes we all make. [Who What Wear UK]

3. No time to do your hair in the morning? No worries. Here we reveal 13 easy hairstyles that will revolutionise your morning routine for the better.

4. Ever asked yourself ‘why am I not losing weight?’ Yep, us too. Nutritional therapist Lorna Driver-Davies reveals six diet mistakes that you’re probably making.

5. Over on PopSugar, their team has revealed the four best breakfasts to eat if you want to lose weight. Time to stock that fridge. [PopSugar UK]

6. Our health columnist Jane Leonard, MD, reveals the reason why your headache keeps coming back and what to do about it (bookmark this one for Monday mornings). 

7. And finally, the Byrdie U.S. team has created a quiz to help you decipher what your autumn hair colour should be. Take the quiz then book that appointment. [Byrdie U.S.]

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