7 Smart Ways to Fight Food Cravings, Fast

Summer is in full swing, which means our attention has been drifting to other parts of the globe, even if we are still sat at our desks. We chatted with a Japanese blogger to find out all her beauty secrets, while Byrdie Australia revealed 11 Korean skincare secrets you definitely haven’t herd before. Elsewhere Who What Wear created a gallery of all the Chanel pieces we really wished we owned. Here on Byrdie, Amber Le Bon road-tested two different colourful eye looks that will work at any summer festival you have planned. Keep scrolling for this week’s biggest beauty and style stories…




1. Over at Byrdie in Australia, the team have been learning beauty tips from Korean beauty expert Charlotte Cho. Check out the 11 beauty secrets they learnt that you won't have heard before. [Byrdie AU]

2. Our columnist Amber Le Bon put two eye looks to the test in three different bold shades. Which team are you on? 

3. Short on time but really want to eat a bit healthier? PopSugar UK has rounded up some delicious overnight oat recipes that are under 400 calories each. Yum. [PopSugar UK]

4. We got the inside scoop on Japanese beauty from blogger Nic in Tokyo. Read all about the Japanese beauty secrets we learnt here

5. Who What Wear UK has rounded up some iconic, retro Chanel images to illustrate all the Chanel pieces we wish we owned. Sigh. [Who What Wear UK]

6. The Rio 2016 Olympics have started, and Apple announced new sports emojis are launching. Cue us showing how you can get fit like your favourite illustration. 

7. Byrdie U.S. reveals seven failsafe ways to curb your cravings. Number 5 is A.) surprising and B.) brilliant. [Byrdie U.S.]

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