The 3 Ab-Sculpting Moves You Can Do in Bed


Getty/Raymond Hall/Contributor

With the clocks falling back last week, we’re now having to deal with the dark evenings once again. Working out feels like a chore, our skin is starting to look a little sallow (anyone else noticing their dark circles more right now, or is that just us?) and to be honest, we need something to cheer us up! How about ab-sculpting moves you can do in bed, the number one dark circle–fighting cream (according to the internet) and the five medium-length hairstyles that are so hot right now? We’re in the mood for a beauty shakeup, and a fresh haircut sounds like the best idea. Keep reading for these and more of the week’s biggest style stories…

1) If your complexion has lost its summer lustre and your dark circles are just that little more visible, fight back with the number one dark-circle cream on the internet. [Byrdie U.S.]

2) If you can’t bear to drag your weary body to the gym on these dark, cold evenings, we have just the thing: seven hacks that will help you lose weight quickly.

3) Pop and Suki, the accessories line from Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse, has finally launched, and Who What Wear sat down with the duo for an exclusive chat. [Who What Wear UK]

4) In the market for a new haircut? Then don’t even think of stepping into a salon until you have seen the five medium-length hairstyles that are so hot right now.

5) Still on the subject of hair, Olivia Culpo revealed that she never uses hotel hair dryers for one very shocking reason. [PopSugar UK]

6) A Style Album’s Lou + Em revealed to us how women over 30 can totally do the big brow trend (even though it’s highly likely you plucked them all off back in the ’90s).

7) And finally, Byrdie Australia has answered our prayers and revealed three ab-sculpting moves you can do IN BED. Genius. [Byrdie AU]

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