Why Taking Magnesium Might Just Change Your Whole Life



When it comes to the weekend, what do you like to do? Workout by going for a run? Make a delicious breakfast? There are plenty of activities you can get excited about, but sometimes it's just nice to settle down with a Netflix boxset while staying in bed. However if you're anything like us, you are probably struggling to get enough shut-eye (because aren't we all?), check out our trick for how to fall asleep in under a minute. After a weekend of shutting off completely, we guarantee you'll feel incredible next week. Always struggle waking up in the mornings? Yep, us too. Perhaps it might just be that you're drinking too much of this drink, which is why you keep hitting snooze. Ditch it and we promise you'll be bouncing out of bed, Tigger-style, come Monday morning. But before all that, embrace the weekend by scrolling down to our favourite pieces on Byrdie this week, plus some of the best links around the web...

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