The One Beauty Product You're Going to Fall in Love With This Weekend

Give yourself a pat on the back for you've made it through another week and it's finally time for the weekend. Amid the brunches, dinners, and time spent with friends, we reckon you'd want to take a look at a few beauty ideas along the way. Plus, it's pay day weekend so we have a feeling you're going to want to treat yourself to a few new lovely products. Keep scrolling for everything in the hair and makeup world you missed this week and how to have a beautiful weekend.



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A weekend of sunshine (we've checked the weather, it's meant to be warm on Sunday), means you'll want to get your toes ready for your new pair of sandals. Be sure to follow our pedi like a pro for a perfect at home step-by-step guide.

Heading to the gym but don't want to forgo your makeup routine? Fear not, you don't have to with this brilliant guide on how to wear makeup at the gym without anyone noticing.

Seeing as it's payday, we've decided you really need to treat yourself. Make sure you check out our pick of the 10 beauty buys we're obsessing over this week. The Louboutin gloss is just gorgeous - guaranteed love at first sight.

Looking for a solution to you Keratosis Pilaris (AKA chicken skin)? This brilliant product guide from helps to get rid of the skin condition. [Pop Sugar]

For a spot of escapism, take a look behind-the-scenes at the Dior cruise show. Thanks to our insider, superblogger Doina Ciobanu, we got the scoop on her incredible day - from getting her makeup done at Dior to travelling on the Dior express.

When will our love affair with Zara end? At this rate, probably never, especially as we now know how to shop at the much-loved store like an expert. Goodbye salary. [Who What Wear UK]

Want to know what the next big A-list haircut is? We know. THIS is the latest look every celebrity wants right now. [Byrdie AU]

Let us know your favourite story or what you’d like to read more about on Byrdie UK in the comment box below. Happy weekend!