The Real Reason You Can’t Slim Down—And How to Fix It

School’s out for summer which means you’re probably thinking about jetting off somewhere hot and stripping down to your bikini. You may or may not want to slim down beforehand, but if you have been trying to ditch some inches and it’s not working it could be because you’re a muscle burner. Never fear though, as Byrdie Australia has revealed the different metabolic types, so you can get specific with your calorie-burning tactics. In other news, we tried the world’s most advanced facial and we revealed how you can cut your hair at home not because we think you should, but because if you’re going to do it you may as well have a guide to prevent tears (and a wonky fringe). Keep scrolling for this week’s biggest beauty, wellness and style stories…


1) Over on Who What Wear columnist Ashley Madekwe has written a love letter to the Great British High Street, because they don’t have such a thing in sunny L.A. [Who What Wear U.K.]

2) Still haven’t mastered a push-up? No matter, Popsugar UK reveals step-by-step how to do a push-up. Sleeveless dresses here we come… [Popsugar U.K.]

3) If you have short hair and you’re stuck for ideas, look no further than this gallery of bun ideas for shorter-haired girls. [Byrdie U.S.

4) Reddit is a great source for all kinds of beauty tips and tricks. This week the conversation turned to the best eyeshadow palettes on the internet. Well, most of us couldn’t get our hands on Kylie Jenner’s Kyshadow now could we.

5) We’re not endorsing cutting your own hair at home, but sometimes the temptation takes over and it feels all too easy to chop in a fringe or tackle those split ends. If you’re feeling the urge, make sure to snip sensibly with our guide

6) Our editorial director tried the world’s most advanced facial—it’s based on DNA results—and it completely changed her complexion for the better. Read all about the DNA Facial with Kate Kerr here

7) Byrdie Australia has identified different types of metabolic burners. Identify how your metabolism works and you can boost the results of your exercise and diet regime. Find out everything about your metabolism here… [Byrdie AU

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