This Controversial Nail Polish Is Dividing the Internet—Here's Why



There has been a lot going on this week. For starters, we've had endless discussions about which Halloween makeup look we'll be perfecting this weekend (head over to Pinterest for more ideas, BTW), and that's before we've even thought about what costume we'll be wearing (there are many important decisions to be made, people). Other than that, we've been trialling curling tongs to give us super-glossy chic locks in time for the festive season, because it's never too early. Before all that though, it's the weekend, and we've got some great stuff to see you through Saturday and Sunday. Keep reading for more of the biggest beauty news this week.

1. We're totally into hygge right now (the art of staying cosy), not to mention we're obsessed with these Danish beauty bloggers right now

2. It's not too early to start thinking about Christmas presents for others (or, you know, yourself). Check out our super-chic beauty gift guide.

3. Speaking of the colder weather, got any winter weddings coming up? Don't fret over your outfit, as Who What Wear has come to the rescue with its guide. [Who What Wear UK].

4. This is the powdered nail polish that is dividing opinions on how nontoxic it is (or isn't). We suggest you read this fascinating piece that explains the debate. [Byrdie U.S.].

5. Want to look slimmer in three seconds? We've got a nifty trick for that.

6. Another quick fix we can get on board with: Nine sneaky ways to to tone up without even trying. Yes, please. [Byrdie AU].

7. Still struggling with that Halloween makeup? PopSugar has got some brilliant beginner hacks. [PopSugar UK].

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