3 Smart Hacks to Beat Your Carb Cravings

This week, team Byrdie met Kate Moss (#lifegoal), hung on her every word and then shared her top 10 beauty and style tips with you. Plus, we chatted with Brit model Daisy Lowe about how she preps for Glastonbury festival. The Oz Byrdie team also discovered three hacks that you can use to stop your carb cravings in their tracks—handy. Keep scrolling for this week’s biggest beauty and style stories.



Getty/S. Alemdar/Stringer

1) We’ve found the secret to perfect brows, forever. So naturally we had to share all the tips with you. 

2) Kate Moss shared her best beauty and style tips with us. Best quote? "Wear sunscreen! … I’m 50 now—the factor, not my age!”

3) Not a fan of bearing your skin come summer? Neither is Who What Wear’s Editorial Director Hannah Almassi, and she shared the outfits you can wear now without showing any skin. [Who What Wear UK]  

4) This ’80s hair trend is making a comeback, and we’re officially obsessed with it (and so is Blake Lively).

5) Want to stop your uncontrollable craving for salty, stodgy, carbs? Yep, us too. Thankfully, the Byrdie team in Australia have the answer. [Byrdie AU]

6) Model Daisy Lowe shared her festival style advice, plus the ingenious tool that has helped her pack her wardrobe for Glastonbury.  

7) Want to get rid of your keratosis pilaris (otherwise known as chicken skin) on your arms? Here’s how one writer over at Popsugar UK managed to beat it. [Popsugar UK]

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