7 Skin-Perfecting Tricks Every Beauty Editor Knows



Fashion week fatigue is real, people. Sure, we’re intrigued to see what we’ll be wearing next spring and we love getting new ideas for our hair and makeup repertoire, but it can all feel pretty far removed from everyday life. We know, and we hear you, which is why this week we’re focusing on the best stories from our regularly scheduled programming that you might have missed. Three beauty insiders share seven must-know Korean beauty secrets; over on Who What Wear, model Leomie Anderson reviews the latest Ivy Park collection, while Byrdie AU reveals the skin-perfecting beauty tricks every beauty editor knows (seriously, they’re game changing).

1. Think you’re not photogenic? Turn things around with these simple tips and tricks that worked for Byrdie U.S. editor Hallie Gould. [Byrdie U.S.]

2. Want tanned, glowing skin all year round but can’t be bothered to spend ages naked with your hand in a mitt? Then you need to know about body misting stat. 

3. Beauty editors know good skin, and they know the simple secrets that will get you a better complexion fast. They’ve shared those skin-perfecting tricks here. [Byrdie AU]. 

4. Want to invest in some new athleisure wear for the new season? Check out model Leomie Anderson’s review of the new Ivy Park collection. [Who What Wear UK]

5. Blondes, listen up. This product is causing your hair to go brassy.

6. Working out your skin’s undertone is the key to makeup that looks like a second skin and not like an ill-fitting mask. Luckily PopSugar UK has a quiz that reveals what your skin tone is. [PopSugar UK]

7. Three beauty insiders share the seven Korean beauty secrets that will change everything. Goodbye, dull winter skin; hello, mul-gwang

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