The Byrdie Beauty Recap: What Happened This Week

Can you believe Cannes is still rocking on? We're loving all the red carpet beauty looks we can take inspiration from, keep 'em coming, we say. Elsewhere we caught up with Fearne Cotton to find out her beauty secrets. (Hint: She’s militant about cleansing.) Over on Who What Wear UK this week, Kate Bosworth and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's stylist revealed the wardrobe staples you should splurge on (you might be surprised); with clients like that she speaks, we listen (and then we buy). Keep scrolling for all this week’s biggest style stories…



Getty/Christian Vierig/Contributor

1. They say three’s a trend, and with Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Swift all dabbling big time with the peroxide, we spoke to Melanie Jane Smith, Creative Master Colourist at Josh Wood Atelier, to find out how you can go bleach blonde too.

2. There is a £5 highlighter cream that keeps selling out, and you’ll never guess the brand. We reveal what’s so great about it and how you can snap one up.

3. Over on Who What Wear UK, fashion stylist Cher Coulter reveals the wardrobe staples you should invest in. Well if they're good enough for her client Kate Bosworth… [WhoWhatWear UK]

4. Fearne Cotton spilled all her beauty secrets (her skin is glorious IRL), and she shared with us her tips for snacking—yep, she has a snacking game plan, and so should you.

5. Like most teens, Annelies Maria Francine is sharing selfies on Instagram, yet hers are jaw-droppingly different. Head over to Popsugar UK to find out why her Insta feed is causing a stir. [Popsugar UK

6. Professional yoga teachers have spilled their tips to the Australian Byrdie team so you can get more out of your class than just really enjoying the shavasana. [Byrdie AU]

7. Cannes is still going—yes, really. We’ve compiled all the best and easiest-to–re-create celebrity beauty looks in one gallery. Beauty inspiration for the weekend, guaranteed. 

Let us know your favourite story, or what you’d like to read more about on Byrdie UK in the comment box below. Happy weekend!