The Crazy-Unusual Trick That Aids Sleep and Beats Stress

This week at Byrdie HQ it dawned on us that it is nearly September. Anyone else slightly, erm, shocked by that little fact? Sometimes life can feel like a whirlwind, a little bit stressful and a tad difficult to unwind. In such a digitally powered world it’s little wonder people are starting to rebel against gadgets and look to ancient means of relaxation. Enter crystals. The Australian Byrdie team have called on a crystal expert to reveal the best crystals depending on what your goal is, whether you want to feel sleepy, calm or more grounded, and how to use them.

In other news, you can now get your hands on Charlotte Tilbury’s Scent of a Dream fragrance and we have a new off-duty hair muse in the shape of Vanessa Hudgens, seriously you need to see the hair ideas she’s given us that we’re going to try stat! Keep scrolling for those and the rest of this week’s biggest style and beauty stories…


1. We revealed nine ways you can lose belly fat that are quick and simple. Seriously, give them a try this weekend.

2. Actress Vanessa Hudgens is the master of off-duty hair styling. See her best low-key amazing hair looks here.

3. The U.S. team have looked globally to find out how women in different countries approach natural beauty. You might be surprised. [Byrdie U.S.]

4. Creators of A Style Album, Louise Redknapp and Emma Thatcher, are Who What Wear UK's new columnists and they revealed the best affordable designer jewellery brands. And what's extra exciting is that Emma and Louise will be writing for Byrdie UK too; their first column will be live next Wednesday, so check back then! [Who What Wear]

5. The wait is finally over, Kate Moss's go-to makeup artist and best friend, Charlotte Tilbury's, new perfume, Scent of a Dream, is out now at Selfridges. What's fascinating is that the scent was formulated to heighten your pheromones, making you seriously attractive to anyone that sniffs you. Find out everything here.

6. Over at PopSugar UK, they have found a seriously effective ab workout that you need to add into your workout routine ASAP. Find out what the ab move is and how to do it here. [PopSugar UK

7. And finally, head over to Byrdie AU to find out which crystals you need to feel super relaxed, plus how to use them. [Byrdie AU]

Let us know your favourite story, or what you’d like to read more about on Byrdie UK in the comment box below. Happy weekend!