The Unusual Milk Cleanse Miranda Kerr Swears By

In the week that we discovered Miranda Kerr looks so sprightly thanks to an eight-day goat milk cleanse (true story), we also mastered the art of the at-home manicure; shared our favourite niche, known and cult buys on Amazon (seriously, it’s a goldmine for beauty fans); and revealed the summer makeup product everyone in the world of beauty is talking about. Keep scrolling for this week’s biggest beauty and style stories…




1) The one makeup product everyone's talking about right? Liquid bronzers—they are the most effective way to fake a real-looking tanned complexion.

2) Amazon is a treasure trove for niche, known and cult beauty buys. Don't believe us? Check out our top picks and prepare to want to shop.

3) Jetting off somewhere suitably sunny? Then make like the beauty editors in the know and strategically stock up on the best beauty buys in duty-free

4) Over on Who What Wear this week, columnist Leomie Anderson revealed the fashion tricks she used at Glastonbury so you can navigate your next festival looking like an off-duty model too. [Who What Wear]

5) Not everyone can afford an in-salon manicure every week, which is why we've revealed the expert hacks you need to employ to get a professional-looking mani at home every time. 

6) Who knew honey has so many incredible DIY beauty uses. PopSugar UK has identified 32 ways you can add honey into your beauty routine. Can you think of any they missed? [PopSugar UK]

7) And lastly, Miranda Kerr revealed the details of her goat milk cleanse with our pals over at Byrdie in Australia. It sounds, erm, yum? [Byrdie AU]

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