The Byrdie Beauty Recap: What You Missed This Week

Last week the clocks sprung forwards, which means lighter evenings and a definite sense that summer is on its way! If cramming your workload into a four-day week meant you missed out on the latest beauty stories, never fear. Keep scrolling for the seven biggest stories you may have missed this week. 


1. Kendall Jenner exclusively told us all her beauty secrets (and everything she eats).

2. Not to be outdone, her sister Kylie released a three-minute short film to launch her new glossy Lip Kits (we kid you not!). It's pretty epic…

3. Model and fashion blogger Leomie Anderson has shared her tips for breathing new life into your denim pieces for spring. [WhoWharWear UK]

4. Celeb hair guru Anthony Nader shared seven hair tricks that will help slim down a round face. [Byrdie Australia]

5. While we're talking hair, we curated a look book of 37 spring hair colour ideas to try this season

6. According to women in Japan, using this leftover cooking liquid is the secret to great hair. [Popsugar UK]

7. Want to go tights-free this weekend? Here are 9 products that will help you make the transition.

Let us know you favourite story or what you’d like to read more about on Byrdie UK in the comment box below. Happy weekend!