A Dad Narrates His Daughter's Beauty Tutorial and It's Hilarious

Amy Lawrenson


With a little over a week until Christmas, we know that as well as trying to get all your work wrapped up, you'll be unwinding. So it seemed like the perfect time for us to bring you this hilarious beauty tutorial. Now, granted, beauty vlogs aren't normally all that funny, but this one is narrated by the vlogger's dad. In other news, shopping days are running out so take a final look at our Christmas gift guide and click *add to basket*. Oh, and we have a nutritionist-approved guide to eating, drinking and being merry this holiday season, without piling on the pounds. You're welcome. Keep scrolling for these, and more of the biggest stories from around the web this week.

1. Who What Wear UK delves into the best wardrobes in Britain

Who What Wear UK is kicking off a new series entitled The Best Wardrobes in BritainThe first wardrobe belongs to Avenue 32's founder, Roberta Benteler, and features her small but perfectly formed wardrobe. 

2. Lucy Watson shares her guide to going vegan

Ever fancied going vegan? TV star and beauty founder Lucy Watson shares her expert, first-hand guide.

3. How to avoid holiday weight gain

It's totally possible to get into the festive spirit of things without piling on the pounds. One nutritionist shares her tried-and-true tricks.

4. Your last-minute gift guide

Not finished with your Christmas shopping? Never fear, just head over to our gift guide where we've scouted out ideas for everyone (including yourself). 

5. How to eat burgers, pasta and pizza without gaining weight

Byrdie U.S. has revealed how you can eat all the bad (but hella' tasty) foods with a side of the right healthy foods that strategically help to rev up fat burn while you indulge. Genius.

6. The one thing that's preventing your piercing from healing

Since getting your ears pierced is the thing to do right now, it's likely that you could have one hole that doesn't want to heal. Byrdie AU has a genius fix for that.

7. A dad narrates his daughter's beauty vlog and it's hilarious

Need a few minutes downtime from your Christmas deadlines? Let the Pop Sugar UK team entertain you because they found this super funny beauty tutorial. "I've got some moustache hair so I always dab a little there to cover those up," is just one of the genius lines he comes out with.

Next up! Beat your hormones with this perfect skin plan.

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