16 Style Tweaks Victoria Beckham Knows Make All The Difference



Right now all we want to do here at Byrdie HQ is shop. But before you go shopping for a new wardrobe, take some style tips from the queen of stylish dressing, Victoria Beckham. Who What Wear UK shares all her tips, plus the one hairstyle that goes best with roll-neck jumpers. In other style news, this week PopSugar has revealed the foods that keep you full, because we definitely get more hungry at this time of year, plus Karlie Kloss revealed how she learnt to love running and her five-minute makeup routine. Well, if it’s good enough for a supermodel...

1. Korea gave us BB creams and cushion compacts, so we called on three in-the-know influencers to reveal what they think the next big Korean beauty trends will be.

2. Always hungry? Yep, us too. It gets worse in winter, we swear. Which is why we are thrilled that PopSugar UK has revealed the foods that keep you fuller for longer. [PopSugar UK].

3. Our columnist Doina Ciobanu has revealed, step by step, how to do this season’s biggest lip trend. It helps you fake a plumper-looking pout too.

4. Over in the U.S., the Byrdie team created a secret Facebook group called The Beauty Line. Here are 6 lessons they learnt from the group’s members. [Byrdie U.S.]

5. Did you know you have been cleansing wrong? According to Japanese women, this is how you should be washing your face… [Byrdie AU]

6. Karlie Kloss, the woman who can do pretty much anything she puts her mind to, talks five-minute makeup routines, learning to love running and how to code. See, she’s a genius.

7. And, finally, we’re taking style tips from Victoria Beckham before we head out shopping this weekend. [Who What Wear UK]

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