The Easiest Way to Look Like You've Dropped 10 Pounds

This week, we got our first taste of autumn when, for a couple of days, the temperature dropped and the skies clouded over. Essentially it sent us looking for ways to fake looking slimmer (because the gym is about to become a distant memory in the dark depths of winter). Luckily Who What Wear’s Hannah Almassi found the answer and enjoys being home more—enter the Danish art of happiness and cosiness, hygge. In other news, L.A.’s hottest facial has landed, and we reviewed it, plus Bobbi Brown has launched two retouching products that will help you master flawless-looking skin IRL. Keep scrolling for this week’s biggest stories…



Rex/Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock

1. Since we’ll be ditching the gym soon in favour of our sofa (hello, hibernation), the Australian team found indoor workouts we can do when it’s raining. [Byrdie AU]

2. L.A.’s hottest laser and light facial, Skin Laundry, has just opened in Liberty London. It takes 15 minutes, fakes a Californian glow and your first treatment is free! Read our review…

3. Over on PopSugar UK, the team deciphered the difference between Greek yoghurt and Greek-style yoghurt. Considering one has 3 grams more sugar, and sugar is not a friend to your skin, it’s information worth knowing. [PopSugar UK]

4. Everyone is talking about hygge—the Danish art of being happy and cosy. We looked at beauty-specific ways to embrace hygge as the dark nights draw in.

5. Over on, the U.S. team spoke to nutritionist Alicia Rountree to find out which foods cause insomnia; you might be surprised… [Byrdie U.S.]

6. Bobbi Brown has launched two new retouching products—a pencil and wand—that are like real-life Facetune. See them here, plus get Bobbi’s tips for retouching IRL.

7. And finally, Who What Wear’s Hannah Almassi found a way to fake looking 10 pounds slimmer. Can you guess what it is? Kim Kardashian West is a major fan. [Who What Wear UK]

Let us know your favourite story, or what you’d like to read more about on Byrdie UK in the comments below. Happy weekend!