6 Genius Tricks to Make Your Skin Look Better, Fast

Anyone else pretty happy that the weekend has arrived? Time to slow down and spend the hours doing things you love. That's why this week we've rounded up seven stories that will inspire you to try (or buy!) new things. Whether that's making your own perfume, switching up your eyeliner look or giving your skin some much-needed R&R so it's glowing come Monday.

Keep scrolling for this week's biggest beauty and style stories.


1. Want better, brighter skin by Monday? Then try out these six easy tips to get your skin back to its glowing best. [PopSugar UK]

2. The sun doesn't know whether it's coming or going, which is why a fast-to-apply and quick-to-remove fake tan is just the thing. Check out the seven wash-off tanners that beauty editors love.

3. Fancy getting creative this weekend? Then why not make your own perfume—seriously. Our pals over at Byrdie Australia asked a pro perfumer how it's done. [Byrdie AU]

4. If you've got shopping on the mind, then head over to Who What Wear, they've identified the nine exact items mega-bloggers take on holiday, and we want them all. [Who What Wear]

5. Kendall Jenner has made us rethink our obsession with black eyeliner. Can you guess why?

6. If you've ever wanted a tattoo but haven't quite been able to pluck up the courage, then check out our edit of the nine tiny tattoos you'll want to get immediately.

7. Summer is here, which means it's time to perfect your plaiting skills. Lucky then that we have seven braid ideas that are surprisingly easy to do.

Have you ever made your own beauty products? Share your tips, tricks and recipes in the comment box below.