6 Instagram Accounts Inspiring the World’s Biggest Makeup Artists

This week Haute Couture Fashion Week was in full swing. The makeup artists have been coming up with stellar look after stellar look, and we’ve collated 21 of the best for you to see. It also got us thinking, what inspires them? Thankfully, Byrdie Australia has found out which Instagram accounts get our favourite makeup artists’ creative juices flowing. In other news, for all those jetting off on holiday, Who What Wear has come up with the easiest and most stylish airport outfits, while we point out a ton of 60-second hairstyle ideas that will help you get out the door and onto that plane faster. Well, anything to get us away from this weird weather. Keep scrolling for this week’s biggest beauty and style stories…


1.) We've rounded up the 21 best beauty looks from Haute Couture Week. We may not be able to afford the clothes, but we most definitely can re-create these looks.

2.) Heading on holiday? Who What Wear UK knows exactly what you should wear to the airport that's both practical and stylish. [Who What Wear UK]

3.) Aussie fashion mogul Nicole Warne features in Byrdie.com's latest Self-Directed shoot, and it's stunning… [Byrdie U.S.]

4.) Fancy a spot of DIY (of the beauty variety) this weekend? Then why not try Clean Beauty Co.'s DIY sugar and coffee scrub. It's so simple. [Popsugar UK]

5.) Look beyond the coffee and sugar, and this store cupboard spice will work wonders for your complexion.

6.) Want to know where makeup artists get their inspiration? Byrdie AU has done some stalking to see who the 6 biggest makeup artists in the world follow on Instagram. [Byrdie AU]

7.) And finally, because everyone needs more sleep, we have rounded up a ton of hairstyle ideas you can do in 60 seconds. You're welcome.

Let us know your favourite story or what you’d like to read more about on Byrdie UK in the comment box below. Happy weekend!