This Is How to Tame Unwanted Flyaways

The key to pulling off a polished look is simple: manage your flyaways. Unwanted frizz and stray hairs just look unkempt, even if you’re otherwise totally put together. Flyaways are unquestionably annoying—and we all get them—so we’re excited to share some solutions that will help combat those little buggers when they arise.

So why is this so important? In the words of one of the best TV characters of all time, 30 Rock’s Jack Donaghy: “Your hair is your head-suit.” And just as you would never leave the house with lint and loose threads hanging off your suit-suit, so too should you mind the flyaway hairs that sully your otherwise groomed head-suit.

Keep scrolling for eight tips to keep your hair looking polished and flyaway-free…