6 Beauty Smoothies for a More Radiant Complexion

A few months back, I stumbled upon a beauty editor's Instagram snap of a slew of fresh fruits and veggies, protein and açai powder, and a blender. She explained that this was the beginning phase of her "beauty smoothie," which she drinks every morning for "better skin." I marvelled at the idea of drinking your way to a more beautiful you—it makes perfect sense. Sure, you can apply firming and glow-inducing serums and lotions to help improve your overall complexion (many of which we boast about and are faithful to), but one of the easiest and most holistic ways to better your skin lies in what you eat. For starters, leafy greens, orange and red veggies, berries, and citrus fruits all contain essential vitamins and minerals that detox your skin and help it radiate from the inside-out. Not really a ruffage kind of person? Smoothies are an easy way to ingest a ton of good-for-you ingredients in one fell swoop. As such, we conjured up a bunch of delicious, skin-beautifying concoctions from wellness experts, a celebrity facialist, and even celebrities themselves to help you up your smoothie game. Keep scrolling to learn how to make them!

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