Beauty Sleep Now Comes in Supplement Form

For mornings when we just can't seem to get rid of the bags under our eyes or pull off that fresh-faced look, it'd be nice to have a miracle product that would fake a full night's sleep for us. There's nothing worse than feeling like a living zombie walking around the office. However, it turns out we may not have to wish any longer, since Neal's Yard has actually created such a thing (allegedly).

The product in question is a supplement called—what else—Beauty Sleep Supplement. Its claim is that it will support your skin's natural nighttime regeneration (like healthy hair, skin, and nails) all while you're off in dreamland. It's also infused with "beauty-boosting hyaluronic acid" (full of lemon balm, chamomile, passion flower, B vitamins, and pantothenic acid) to help not only improve relaxation but also reduce fatigue. Sounds kind of genius—a pseudo sleep aid that also helps you look better in the morning? We're intrigued. While this supplement doesn't launch until November, we're holding out hope that it just may be the cure we've been waiting for. However, if you're also thinking about giving this a try, remember to always check with your doctor first to ensure you're a good candidate for such a product.

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Opening Image: Imaxtree