Going, Going, Gone: The 9 Products We Actually Empty

When was the last time you reached the bottom of a beauty product? Nowadays, we're so hell-bent on trying the latest and trendiest wonder product to hit Instagram that it's rare we ever sharpen our pencils down to a stub or crumble our eye shadows so far down that they reveal a silver pan.

As beauty editors, we're especially guilty of this flighty nature, fleeting from one product to the next in order to fulfil our day job: reviewing and recommending only the best, worthiest beauty products for you. That means that if we ever do find ourselves squeezing out the very last drop of shampoo or scraping the last dregs for a moisturiser pot, we know we're onto a pretty special beauty product.

With that in mind, I pooled the rest of the Byrdie UK team to tell you the beauty products that we've not only tried recently but also finished and loved. We're planning on replacing these ASAP.