17 Must-Have Products Models Like Cindy Crawford and Adriana Lima Actually Use

Aside from makeup artists, models just might be our most trusted source when it comes to gleaning effective makeup tips and product must-haves. After all, it's their job to be photographed. And in turn, their faces and beauty aesthetic are fawned over by millions. Plus, most of them have been in the industry for years now, and even if they're still relatively new to the game, they have fellow models (or model sisters and mothers!) to supplement their product and application repertoire. In other words, they become insanely adept at recognizing a quality product when they see one. (I mean, can you imagine the sheer number of products they've been painted and doused with over the years?) And obviously, they maintain a stringent pickiness when it comes to formulas they'll willingly apply on days with no makeup artist in tow.

Recently, we learned three different models (ahem, Alessandra, Adriana, and Gisele) all requested one particular eye cream after a makeup artist used it on them before a shoot or show. Which then led our sleuthing beauty minds to the question: What other unexpected beauty products do models absolutely swear by when they're in their natural habitats? Considering we talk with models and other famous people on a routine basis, we dug through the archives to uncover 17 more hidden-gem products top models absolutely go bananas for—and don't worry, we're including the aforementioned eye cream. Curious to know which products surpass their high-calibre standards? Keep scrolling.