The Best Beauty Products With a Festive Scent



Now that the John Lewis and Coca-Cola Christmas adverts have landed on our televisions, we're finally allowed to get into the full throws of the holiday spirit. That means it's time to whack on your festive playlist, sneakily whip out a bauble or two and fall face-down into a plate of mince pies.

The sense of smell can't be overlooked either. And while you might not have managed to convince your other half to let you put up the tree yet, nor have you had the time to bake and construct an entire gingerbread house, where you can get your fill of Christmassy scents is through your beauty regimen. From shower gels that smell like cinnamon buns to a candle that will seemingly bring to life a whole field of Christmas trees, keep scrolling for the five best beauty products that will conjure up all the dreamy scents of Christmas.

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