Cling to Summer With All the Products That Smell Like Vacation

While we’re not denying the olfactory appeal of warm cinnamon, juicy autumn apples or mouthwatering pumpkin spice, there’s something very special about the scents of summer. Whether it’s the sweet floral fragrance of gardens in full bloom, the classic smell of sunscreen at the beach or the lingering zest of cocktails at sunset, summer is full of evocative aromas that make it a tricky season to bid adieu.

So if you’re not quite ready to shelve your eau de vacances, we’ve got just what you need: twelve incredible beauty products all bursting with notes that’ll bring sun-drenched nostalgia right back to life—think Sicilian lemons, tropical frangipani, rich jasmine, zingy verbena, deliciously sweet coconut and more. Keep scrolling for the holiday-inspired beauty essentials that’ll help you cling on to that summer feeling.