Are These Beauty Products Ruining Your Sleep?

Your seven hours of shut-eye (on a good night) aren't just your mind and body's time to recharge—with the right products, it's also the perfect opportunity to wake up to a better complexion, too. But is your nighttime skincare routine secretly sabotaging your sleep quality? If you're not paying attention to fragrance, that might be the case.

Just like scents like lavender and chamomile are known to help with relaxation, other fragrances are scientifically shown to energise and stimulate—not exactly what we're looking to do around bedtime. This means that if the moisturiser you like to slather on before calling it a night contains peppermint, for example, you could be making it tougher for yourself to fall and stay asleep.

As annoying as it is to add yet another item to the laundry list of things that are interfering with our sleep, the good news is that this particular factor is much easier to reverse than, say, cutting back on your daily caffeine consumption. It's all a matter of being a little choosier with your products—and we're happy to help. Keep reading to see which scents to avoid and embrace for a better night's sleep.  

Did you know this about your favourite beauty products? What's your favourite scent to relax?