Kate Middleton Spent HOW Much On Her Hair?!

Catherine Deneuve’s long-term relationship with her colourist, say goodbye to your cotton balls, and the rest of the beauty news you missed this week!

Diane Keaton’s minimalist look is an inspiration to women of all ages. So what’s her secret? Lots of lipstick, no more highlights, and a daily dose of L’Oreal sunscreen. {Vogue}

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Eco-cotton rounds are officially catching on. In fact, Into the Gloss has declared the death of the cotton ball! {Into the Gloss}

Kate Middleton spent more on her hair during her Australian tour than you spend in a year. {Lipstick.com}

Catherine Deneuve has been dying her hair that iconic blonde since she was 18 years old, and she’s been with colourist Christophe Robin almost as long! {WWD}

What’s better than one superstar hairstylist? How about three! Garren, Howard McLaren, and Thom Priano have launched R+Co, a hair care brand that promises to give us Gisele-level styles. {Vogue UK}

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