Who Was the Beauty Icon the Year You Were Born?

As beauty editors, we're in the business of keeping tabs on the next industry It girls and reporting on what makes their styles so iconic. What is Gigi Hadid's secret for the perfect brow? How does Lily Collins get her rosebud pout so enviably pretty? What is Kylie Jenner's latest beauty endeavour? And whose rituals will we be jonesing for next year?

But the Hadids and the Jenners weren't always the world's foremost beauty icons, and their no-makeup makeup looks and liquid lips weren't always the most coveted trends. Remember when Winona Ryder's pixie cut was everything? What about Kate Winslet's porcelain complexion? Or Brooke Shields's legendary brows? 

To remind ourselves of the decades' greatest beauty icons, we put together this list of the girls who ruled the beauty scene every year since 1975. Which celebrity was the beauty It girl the year you were born? Keep scrolling to find out!