6 Weird Habits Beauty Editors Swear By

I’ve always been a lover of all things beauty. I was playing with makeup palettes long before most little girls knew the difference between blush and eye shadow. I was giving haircuts and root touch-ups from my mother’s bathroom whenever I saw a friend in need. And thanks to my skincare obsession, I quickly climbed the ranks of Sephora’s Beauty Insider program (and have maintained my VIB Rouge status for quite some time). These are all fairly standard practice for beauty lovers (ok, maybe not the bathroom hair salon). But once you step into the beauty world professionally, a whole new realm opens up—one filled with things like strobing, scalp Botox, sugaring, and more. A lot of out-there practices beauty editors learn end up becoming passing fads in our permanent routines, but some of them stick. I asked my fellow editors to name the weird beauty habits they’ve picked up doing this job, and together we’ve got quite a grab bag of tricks! 

Scroll through to find out what bizarre beauty habits we swear by.